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Why Finland is Building a Wood City

How can you build an entire district out of timber? Why Finland is building a Wood City, and how Solibri's software is de-risking similar construction projects worldwide.

Why Finland is Building a Wood City


Helsinki, Finland

Nemetschek Group Brands



Office Building
Hotel / Hospitality
Residential Building


Anttinen Oiva architects

Taking wooden construction in Finland's capital to new heights

Wood City combines Finnish wood construction with sustainable design. It is developed by Finnish construction company SRV in cooperation with Stora Enso, the largest supplier of wooden construction material in Europe. Apartment buildings at the district have already been built and inhabited, and next to complete are a new office block for the gaming company Supercell, in addition to a hotel.

Solibri enables the team to de-risk the project and get the wooden elements from the factory to the site correctly first time, every time. All the timber elements are prefabricated under factory conditions before being transported to Wood City for installation. Accuracy has been the key, so the project team worked in an information modelling environment, building the city virtually before construction.

If the timber elements would arrive at site cut to the wrong size or shape, it could seriously slow down construction, costing time and money. To avoid this, the team de-risked the project by checking their virtual models in Solibri. The project team was able to combine and co-ordinate their virtual designs in Solibri, and close out any errors before timber cutting began. Solibri Office was used to compare the models and discuss issues, maintaining the flow of construction information to the factory. Solibri Anywhere was used so that any party working on the project could access the data they needed.