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Palais Garnier - Duberseuil & Cie

Whoever says Paris, says Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe and… Opera Garnier. This opera house at the heart of Paris was built from 1861 to 1875 by order of Napoleon and designed by Charles Garnier.

Palais Garnier - Duberseuil & Cie



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As a jewel of architecture, the Palais Garnier represents French art and now houses the Paris National Opera.  

From a technical perspective, the stage area, or stage cage, is the most impressive and is even bigger than the Arc de Triomphe with its 70 m height, 53 m width and 26 m depth. The technical facilities allow different sets of stages to be changed rather easily.  

At the request of the Paris Opera, the French engineering office Duberseuil & Cie set out on a mission to carry out a diagnosis of the stage cage in order to evaluate the operating overloads that may be applicable to it. This assessment, modelling and calculation were carried out with SCIA Engineer. 

Duberseuil specified the technical approach of the project:  

  • verification of the metal framework of the orchestra pit  
  • assessment of the existing stage framework subject to new permanent loads 
  • modelling of the stage house 
  • inspection and assessment of the existing framework 
  • calculation of the frame under regulation AL76 
  • reinforcement of the frame based on the calculation results