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Kindergarden in Budapest

A kindergarden as a modern passive house.

Kindergarden in Budapest



Nemetschek Group Brands



Educational Building
Sustainable Building

Technology used


Pedagogically and ecologically sensible

The task for the architects Archikon was to replace the old small kindergarten with a more spacious building. Whereas there used to be room for 200 children, there will now be room for up to 400 children. The design was not only to meet aesthetic and educational requirements, but also to be ecologically up-to-date, which is why the building was planned as a passive house.

In cooperation with the √ČKI office, a statically demanding construction was finally developed. Based on a child's cube, the upper floor was provided with large openings in the form of a circle, triangle and square. In order to create a continuous playing area, the massive roof construction was planned without columns as far as possible. For this purpose, the entire object was created by using the FRILO Building Model.

Although there were no specific BIM requirements for this project, the architect and engineer created a joint 3D building model. It was determined in advance what information would be assigned to the components in order to be able to generate evaluations as quickly as possible. The comparison of changes and the detection of errors was also simplified considerably.