Our Offerings and Competences

The portfolio of the Nemetschek Group is covering the entire workflow in the construction and infrastructure market. 

Architecture & Structural Engineering

With the Nemetschek solutions, customers can successfully perform their tasks creatively, with attention to detail, precision and accuracy from the earliest planning and design phase through to the works and building planning...    more


Building Services & Construction Management

The Nemetschek Group offers holistic BIM-5D solutions that comprise the whole range of Building Information Modeling, from tender, award and final accounting to costing, scheduling and cost accounting...   more

Real Estate & Operations

Customers from all areas of property management, including property and asset manager banks, insurance companies and globally active property companies build on our commercial and technical software solutions...   more

Model Visualization

Using our solutions, architects and engineers, designers and especially the Media & Entertainment industry can visualize models and create 3D modelling, animations or visual effects...    more

Building Information Modeling

A central feature in the planning, construction and administrative process is Building Information Modeling (BIM), a term that stands for the digital transformation of the construction industry...   more


Currently most infrastructure projects are still developed in 2D. Bridge engineering is the most demanding of structural engineering tasks...   more


Further Topics



Open Standards

Nemetschek advocates an open approach (Open BIM). Open standards are key to AEC industry successfully adopting BIM. The open standard enables each piece of software from the Nemetschek Group to communicate with every other piece of software, even with software from competitors, via open data and communication interfaces...   more

Collaboration par excellence

The building of the new municipal administration center in Hasselt, Belgium, demonstrates how seamless collaboration in building projects can minimize risks and save costs from the design phase all the way to commissioning. more

Smart Buildings

Smart buildings use digital information to improve the performance of the building, the people who use it, and the services that are available to them. The Nemetschek Group offers innovative solutions for this. More