Solibri Model Checker v9.7 ab heute verfügbar! (englisch)

Introducing Solibri Model Checker v9.7: Advanced Issue Handling and Improved Resource Management

Helsinki, August 31, 2016 – Solibri announces a new version of its industry leading product, Solibri Model Checker (SMC). V9.7 introduces several new features that further extend the ability to apply logic and analyze behavior in model review and checking, “To support our goals of delivering the world’s best solution for measuring model quality” explains to Heikki Kulusjärvi, Solibri CEO. New capabilities in the area of issue management, improved QA/QC workflows and the management of private company resources are included in this version.

Issue management is a key consideration in the project workflow. It is now possible to easily handle multiple issues, presentations and models in one view. SMC v9.7 introduces the ‘Issue Manager’ as a new feature. It allows the managing of issues in a visual and logical way. Once sorted and prioritized, the responsible person and status can be easily added and simultaneously updated – allowing the handling of several models with hundreds of issues in a simple efficient, and effective manner.

The ability to manage company specific and private QA/QC assets has also been addressed. Administrators can now create company or project specific rulesets that are only accessible to designated team members. Rulesets are uploaded to a private section within the Solibri Solution Center. From here, administrators can determine which users have access to these specific extensions (with the associated security requested by our customers). This provides a level of flexibility to support the desired workflow amongst and between project teams.

Benefiting all of our new and current users, the out-of-box content has also been enhanced. Now there are additional rules and updated classifications for a seamless experience of checking, accessibility and quantity takeoff. Current users will notice SMC has the intelligence to identify logical connections between objects in multiple IFC files. One example of this is ‘Federated Floors’ – A feature where the user can select to view all related components on one logical floor from hundreds of different IFC files with different floor schemas. This ability to see ‘all at once’ saves time and is an effective way to manage work in the 3D view.

According to SMC Product Manager Anne Urrila, “Solibri continues to listen and understand what features will best benefit users as IFC files become larger and more complex. The features you see in v9.7 keep SMC in the forefront of quality assurance in the BIM environment”.

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