Solibri bietet ‘Best in Class’-Prüf-Funktionalität für Graphisoft ArchiCAD-Nutzer (englisch)


Helsinki, December 20, 2016 – Solibri Model Checker (SMC) users can benefit from a unique software extension that provides a direct link between SMC and ArchiCAD. This link allows fast BIM updates and the use of SMC while working in a real time design scenario. No longer do you need to save files and upload back and forth between programs. Simply design, check and amend as necessary.

Once downloaded, an SMC icon is added to the main menu bar in ArchiCAD. With a few clicks, the user can export the BIM model into SMC. From there, the user can highlight model elements and have them replicated in both solutions. If design faults are found by SMC, the same elements can be easily selected in ArchiCAD for corrections to be made. SMC also offers the opportunity for the user to find the component and see the properties of any element selected in ArchiCAD. These properties include location, quantities, profile, relations and property sets. You can also elect what components to export by layers or by floors.

“Solibri and Graphisoft share the same belief in Open BIM – meaning interoperability that benefits all users. This extension is another good example of how we in the Nemetschek Group put our user’s needs first when developing our latest software releases.” Said Heikki Kulusjärvi, Solibri CEO.

Solibri ArchiCAD Link supports ArchiCAD 16–20 versions.

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