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House of Rivers with NEVARIS

Biosphere reserve Middle Elbe river uses NEVARIS Build.



Havelberg (near Berlin), Germany

Nemetschek Group Brands



Information center for the Middle Elbe biosphere reserve including a large exhibition hall, multimedia room, office, sanitary, technical and ancillary rooms, as part of the UNESCO world program "man and biosphere" and the Federal Garden Show 2015


Ö-Konzept, Zwickau

Technology used


Open-air grounds and exhibition complement each other to create an overall experience.

To present species richness, valuable floodplain landscapes and the diverse habitat for plants, animals and people between the Elbe and Havel rivers in an exhibition - this task was assigned to the creative minds of ö_konzept (Zwickau, Halle). And they relied on the construction software NEVARIS Build for the successful implementation. 

While visible phenomena of landscape and nature are emphasized in the outdoor area, the interior shows connections and special features. The stagings appeal to all senses and make use of a wide variety of media. Experience and exploration take precedence over reading and listening. Visitors from young to old move through thematic landscapes of the floodplains to the river. Large presentation rooms alternate with hidden niches and enclaves. There is no predetermined tour, but thematic sequences of spatial areas.

Behind the concept of the "House of Rivers" stands ö_konzept, an agency for integrated communication that covers an almost infinite range of creative fields of action. In addition to strategy formation, product and communication design, multimedia and web applications, advertising and interior design, the conception and planning of museums and exhibitions is an essential focus of activity. These include the design of the "Haus(es) der Rlüsse", a project that included the complete new construction of an information center for the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve, including a large exhibition hall, multimedia facilities, office, sanitary, technical and ancillary rooms.

As part of the UNESCO world program "man and biosphere", the Federal Garden Show 2015 (BUGA2015) and the "Natura 2000" concept, the "House of Rivers" was built in the middle of the Middle Elbe biosphere reserve of the Hanseatic city of Havelberg, located about 130 kilometers northwest of Berlin.

Detlef Ude, Interior Designer @ ö_konzept

"We will again work with the NEVARIS construction software for similar construction projects; the price/performance ratio and the temporary usability meet our periodic requirements and have convinced us".

The construction software NEVARIS Build proved to be a reliable partner for the "flowing planning", as Detlef Ude, interior designer at ö_konzept, explains: "Our demands on AVA software are high for two reasons. Firstly, the software is used by the planner as an integral part of the overall process. Secondly, the qualitative standards for tenders in the public sector are extremely strict".

According to the interior designer, NEVARIS has practically completely fulfilled the expectations of the software. His team mainly used NEVARIS for the tendering in the layout and for the award of contracts. "The program is partly self-explanatory. The editors of our company were able to successively acquire the solution by means of well prepared tutorials and, if necessary, also always by very good personal support and have developed NEVARIS into a daily tool". And this tool will also be used for future projects of the agency.