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Responding to the Ukraine Crisis

Yves Padrines, CEO Nemetschek Group, about NemetschekĀ“s response to the current situation in Ukraine.


We are shocked and saddened about the human impact of the current situation in and around the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Our hearts and thoughts are with the local population and our colleagues and community in the affected regions.

Our brands have taken immediate actions to protect our local people, from organizing visas to providing refugee housing to financial support. On group level, the Nemetschek Group has introduced a match donation program that is related to the humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine.

Since economic sanctions against Russia are an important mechanism in the efforts to restore peace, the Nemetschek Group has decided to suspend any new business in Russia and all business with the sanctioned individuals, organizations, or regions for the time being.

The Nemetschek family stands with everyone affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

We wish all our customers, business partners and stakeholders to stay healthy in these challenging times.

Yves Padrines
Nemetschek Group