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Allplan 2022: Optimal buildability through seamlessly integrated processes

Allplan 2022 provides an integrated working method for architects, engineers, and contractors on a single platform, from the initial design to the successful implementation on the construction site. The new version supports the thorough capture of the construction environment, with functionalities for terrain modeling and road design.


Munich, October 7, 2021 – ALLPLAN, global provider of BIM solutions for the AEC industry, today announced the global rollout of its new BIM software version. Allplan 2022 provides an integrated working method for architects, engineers, and contractors on a single platform, from the initial design to the successful implementation on the construction site. The new version supports the thorough capture of the construction environment, with functionalities for terrain modeling and road design. In addition, it offers further product quality improvements for modeling, detailing, data management, reliable construction planning, as well as an optimizeduser experience that will help shorten coordination processes and increase design efficiency.

“Enabling our customers to optimize their projects for efficiency from inception to construction is the focus of our ‚Design to Build‘ corporate strategy and at the heart of Allplan 2022,“ says ALLPLAN CEO Dr. Detlef Schneider. “This includes considering buildability, pre-fabrication, and construction site challenges at an early stage of the design process to make better decisions, improve sustainability and safety, and reduce waste.”

This is also confirmed by customers such as from the Swiss engineering firm Emch+Berger: "The development and optimization of a project from the initial design to successful implementation on the construction site is a multi-layered task in which a multitude of information and requirements must be taken into account and brought together. In our view, consistent planning that is independent of phases and trades is a key to project success. With Allplan, we have a software solution that supports our philosophy of this holistic and integral approach," says Sigrist, civil engineer at Emch+Berger.

Kevin Lea, Senior Vice President Product Management at ALLPLAN: “At Allplan, providing tools to help create models from concept through to detailed design is a core focus. We are constantly investigating ways to improve our modeling capabilities, and this year we are pleased to provide several enhancements as well as new functions for quantity take-off, terrain modeling, and road design.“

New in Allplan 2022

A large part of the new features and improvements is due to feedback from our customers. They also attest to the high efficiency of the new version. "Since the first test version of Allplan 2022, I have handled all projects with it. Through almost daily collaboration with the ALLPLAN development team, the version has been constantly improved. I am already looking forward to my colleagues being able to use the new functions of the BIM software, making collaboration even more efficient and flexible," comments Reinhard Roscher, Managing Director of CAD-Forge GmbH from Graz.

Enhanced modeling capabilities

Detailed and precise models are a key prerequisite for efficient processing of BIM projects. With Allplan 2022, the interaction of components has been fundamentally revised. Intersection within a drawing file is now controlled consistently via priorities. Manual rework is in many cases no longer necessary. The resulting increased model quality reduces the effort required to create working drawings and detailed drawings. Collisions are avoided and quantities can be determined even more reliably.

The functionality for terrain modeling and road design has been completely redeveloped and includes an intuitive user interface to get started quicker. In addition, the import of point lists, LandXML, and REB files – as well as the transfer of road alignments– is supported. To further optimize performance, relevant areas can be cut out of a terrain model.

Enhanced steel detailing and construction

The automated reinforcement for beams, columns, walls, and punching shear reinforcement introduced already earlier has been upgraded. For example, the underlying PythonParts are retained and can be adjusted parametrically. Reinforcement can be copied complete with sections and labels, saving time when dealing with many similar reinforcement situations.

Bolted and welded steel components have been newly developed for Allplan 2022. The steel construction connections are based on standard elements – such as plates, cleats, bolts, and welds, which are available in the new connection toolbox – but can also be combined into connections using Python scripts.

Comprehensive data management

The openBIM platform Bimplus offers a variety of improvements that, for example, speed up the loading of large models, simplify measurement, and optimize document management. In addition, documents and links can now be attached in the Issue and Slideshow Manager and properties in the Issue Manager can be customized. Finally, exporting selected objects in IFC format is now possible.

Due to its central importance for BIM projects, attribute management with Allplan and Bimplus is constantly being further developed. For example, the performance of the interaction between Allplan and Bimplus has been improved. The formula editor for attributes now supports the Python programming language as well as a syntax check for detecting incorrect formulas.

Improved user-experience

Numerous workflow and user-friendly improvements ensure efficient design processes with Allplan 2022. To make it easier to get started with Allplan, the tooltips have been enhanced: when you hover over an icon with the mouse button, a brief explanation of the function is now automatically displayed.

For example, a number of optimizations in the Visual Scripting area make creating custom scripts even easier and faster. The new palette designer allows parameters to be placed selectively on multiple tabs.

Numerous optimizations have been made for work across locations with the collaboration tool Allplan Share. For example, data is uploaded in the background without waiting times.

New tools for reliable planning

BIM and digitalization are not limited to the design process, but also play an increasingly important role in construction. Accordingly, the construction process is being given greater consideration during design and prefabrication. Allplan 2022 supports this trend, with new objects developed specifically for construction site management, such as cranes and concrete pumps.

In addition, quantity calculation has been enhanced. With the latest Allplan version, even items that have not been modeled (e.g. formwork) can be quantified, providing reliable cost planning.

The visualization capabilities have been extended in the new version, which take advantage of the capabilities of modern graphics cards for better performance and convincing visualizations. New effects are available for this purpose, including volumetric fog, bloom, and lens flare.


Allplan 2022 as well as the free 30-day trial version are now available for download. With the new Windows Installer, you can now get started even faster. The user guidance has also been redesigned and simplified. If you have a large number of workstations, you can save all settings and then run the installation completely automatically.