37,5% Growth in Sales after nine months

Nemetschek reports growth in sales of 37.5% after nine months
Outlook for the year consolidated

  • Sales 102.8 million euros (+37.5%)
  • EBITDA margin 20.8 % (previous year: 15.8%)
  • Operating profit (EBIT) 14.0 million euros (+45.4%)
  • Cash flow for the period increases to 19.2 million euros (+61.3%) 

Munich, October 30, 2007 – The Nemetschek Group, which is listed in the Prime Standard and which is the world’s leading vendor of information technology for the design, construction and management of buildings and real estate, has shown strong growth in sales and earnings in the third quarter. 'We are thus clearly on track for this year’s target, which is to achieve total sales in excess of 140 million euros and an EBITDA margin greater than 20%', says Ernst Homolka, CFO and Board Spokesman, Nemetschek AG, commenting on the nine-month report.

Sales revenue: significant increase of 28.0 million euros

Compared to the same period in the previous year, sales increased by 37.0% from 24.1 million euros to 33.1 million euros in the third quarter of 2007. Compared to the previous year, total sales in the first nine months of 2007 increased by 37.5% from 74.8 million euros to 102.8 million euros. Sales in the first nine months are thus almost equivalent to the overall sales figure of 107.5 million euros achieved in 2006.

The Design business unit developed best with an increase in sales of 45.2%; this is largely attributable to the 100% acquisition of Graphisoft, which contributed to this figure by achieving sales revenues of 23.0 million euros. In the first nine months, the group achieved organic growth of 6.8% with sales increasing to 79.8 million euros (previous year: 74.8 million euros).

EBITDA: up by 80.5% to 21.3 million euros

The group EBITDA increased in the first nine months of 2007 by 80.5% to 21.3 million euros (previous year: 11.8 million euros). This corresponds to an EBITDA margin of 20.8% (previous year: 15.8%). The group EBITDA without Graphisoft amounted to 13.8 million euros (previous year: 11.4 million euros) and thus increased by 21.2%.

Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) increased in the third quarter by 4.8 million euros (previous year: 2.5 million euros). For the first nine months of 2007 the EBIT figure is 14.0 million euros compared with 9.6 million euros in the previous year. This represents an increase of 45.4%. In the first nine months of 2007, the net earnings increased by 18.5%, from 7.9 million euros in 2006 to 9.3 million euros. The net income figure was attenuated by depreciation from purchase price allocation and interests. The earnings per share are 0.93 euros, compared to 0.80 euros in the same period of the previous year.

Cash flow for the period up by 61.3%

The cash flow for the period as of September 30, 2007, increased to 19.2 million euros (previous year: 11.9 million euros). The cash flow from operating activities amounts to 19.4 million euros, after 15.8 million euros in the same period of the previous year, and has thus increased by 22.8%.

The equity capital totals 56.1 million euros (December 31, 2006: 55.1 million euros). This is equivalent to an equity ratio of 30.8% (December 31, 2006: 27.0 %).

The full interim report for the period to September 30, 2007 will be published on November 9, 2007.