Message from dRofus CEO regarding Nemetschek Acquisition


Oslo, February 09, 2017 – As you may already be aware, dRofus was acquired by Nemetschek in January 2017.

We issued a press release just prior to the acquisition being finalized, but we felt that our customers, prospective customers, partners and collaborators might appreciate some additional information about the future of dRofus and whether any changes will be made as a result of the acquisition.

In short, there is only good news – the company leadership is unchanged, all existing contracts are unchanged, we are now part of a much larger family of software companies and we will continue to develop the software and our connections with ArchiCAD, Autodesk Revit and IFC.

From an operational perspective, dRofus will continue as an independent software company with exactly the same focus as before; to develop, sell and support software solutions to the building industry worldwide.

All core personnel, in all dRofus offices, will continue to be with the company and we will maintain all of our current offices in USA, Europe and Australia – in fact very soon we will expand into several other countries with new staff and new offices.

Nemetschek acquired a successful and rapidly expanding software company, that fits in well with their other brands and client base. They will provide us with support and guidance when needed, but trust us and do not want to change an existing winning team.

The new alliance with Nemetschek allows us to deliver long-term security, reliability stable collaboration, and provide state-of-the-art software services based on open, international standards.