A genius architectural design located in the harbor of Antwerp

Project: Port House - Antwerp, Belgium

Engineering Office: Studieburo Mouton

Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects in collaboration with Bureau Bouwtechniek and Origin architecture and engineering

Pictures: Nemetschek, Skefdeluxe

Beteiligte Nemetschek Marke: SCIA

The new Port House consists of two buildings: a restored former fire station and new construction that has a truly remarkable sculptural form. This elongated volume is approximately 100 m long, 24 m wide and four stories high. It consists of three three-story-high steel trusses: a middle one and two angled facade trusses. The supporting structure of this volume consists of two parts: a sculptural construction in concrete in the form of a trapeziumshaped ring that encloses the south wing of the existing building in a vertical direction, and a four-legged steel structure bent rather like an opened paper clip. The most prominent part of the concrete ring is the inclined concrete front-leg located in front of the building. The bridge links the front-leg with the concrete core in the atrium splits around the masonry tower of the existing building.

SCIA Engineer was used to calculate a global model of the new building (steel structure and sculptural concrete forms), including steel checks and reinforcement calculation. For the steel columns in the atrium (with an arbitrary quadrilateral cross section), a nonlinear calculation was performed considering bow imperfections. The eigenfrequencies of the new building were computed and seismic analysis of the structure was performed.