Graphisoft - Ahead of the Future


Graphisoft is a global leader in architectural software, whose products are used successfully by over 100,000 users in more than 100 countries.

With the Virtual Building model, which today has evolved into BIM (Building Information Modeling) as the industry standard for CAD design, Graphisoft introduced a paradigm change 30 years ago: ArchiCAD, the first 3D model-based architectural design software, permanently changed the entire planning and design process.

Graphisoft remains an industry leader in developing new technologies, with solutions such as the Graphisoft BIM Server, which enables members of a design team to collaborate in real time on a building model - a major advance in optimizing the planning process.


  • ArchiCAD
  • BIM Server
  • BIMx: the mobile, model-based presentation tool
  • the Cloud-based web portal with over 10,000 GDL objects

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