Eco-friendly Design with Vectorworks

Vectorworks users also receive targeted support when designing energy-efficient buildings. Architects can use the "Vectorwork Database Spreadsheet" to determine relevant building data such as requirements for light intensity or ventilation. They can also use the "Solar Animation Command" to simulate different sun positions. This generates short films of the building project as viewed with the sun in different positions – morning or evening, high summer or deep winter. Architects can use this to track precisely how a building’s geometry develops and affects its environment.

When necessary, architects can also generate detailed analyses for the issues they are concerned with by exporting their building model to external analysis programs quickly and easily via the standard IFC data exchange. This allows them to access many external applications – whether these are precise energy requirement determination or the simulation of specific construction processes in order to identify potential savings for materials and machine usage.

Also worthy of mention is a Vectorworks-based application from Nemetschek North America’s Japanese sales partner. Specially tailored for environmental specifications in Japan, ThermoRender is a simulation and analysis tool for precise determination of a building’s entire carbon footprint balance – from energy needs to CO2 emissions. This application was recognized for its excellence in 2007 by the Architectural Institute of Japan.

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