Sustainable Structural Design

Sustainable building involves far more than merely the design of energy-efficient buildings; it also means the economical use of resources and the use of recyclable materials. This requires close collaboration between all those involved in the building process. Structural designers play an important role here, because the structures they design have a tangible effect on a building’s carbon footprint. The use of Scia Engineer enables them to calculate precisely how much steel, concrete or other building materials the structure requires, from roof to foundations, in order to achieve the required safety with the minimum material consumption. They can also compare the impact of different materials on the structure.

Calculation of the structure as a complete 3D model provides a view of the whole: In this way, the method takes account of interdependencies between the individual components, which could previously not be considered in the conventional, isolated calculation. In addition there is a realistic view of material behavior and deformations, which can also reduce the dimensions of individual components without sacrificing safety. Finally, powerful algorithms can be used to optimize individual components and their interaction in the overall structure. In this way, two-digit percentage material savings can be achieved, particularly in demanding structures such as high-rise buildings or aircraft hangars – a win-win situation for the environment and the client’s budget.

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